Wildhorse Equestrian Center

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Horse Boarding 

We are a family run boarding facility with a 10 stall breezeway barn and 16 stalls in shedrow barns and 6 pastures with covers. We believe in giving horses plenty of room to move around so they can be happy, healthy horses.

Breezeway Barn Stall with paddock:

 12 x 12 Matted box stall with oversize paddock. Monthly Boarding rate is $335.00 per month. Board includes feed, one bag of shavings per week and 5 day a week cleaning. Additional shavings are available for an extra charge. 

*In an effort to insure no horses are stuck bored in a stall all day and to insure they have enough exercise to stay healthy; all horses stalled in the breezeway barn must be exercised by the owner at least 4 days a week or be kept in a training or exercise program with one of our trainers.

Shedrow Barn Stall with pasture:

12 x 14 Matted box stall with 1/4 acre private pasture off each stall.

Monthly Boarding rate is $285.00 per month. You can add a second horse to the same stall & pasture for an additional $185.00 per month. Board includes feed and 4 day a week cleaning.

Pasture with cover:

12 x 14 Pasture cover with 1/4 acre private pasture.

Monthly Boarding rate is $255.00 per month. You can add a second horse to the same pasture for an additional $155.00 per month. Board includes feed and 4 day a week cleaning.

Included with board is the following services:

Feeding of one flake of Oat hay at breakfast and one flake of Alfalfa at dinner. Extra flakes at each feeding or fancy orchard grass hay available for an additional fee.
Feeding of your pre packaged/measured supplements once a day.
Room for you to bring your approved deck box to store your grain, tack or blankets.

Ranch Amenities:
Great selection of areas for riding:
170 x 240 sand arena with barrels & poles.
170 x 170 sand arena with jumps.
150 x 200 open sand arena with trail obstacles.
80 ft round riding arena with sand footing.
50 ft round pen with sand footing.
5 ft wide 3/4 mile path around the ranch.

Tack room & Grooming areas:

Tack room with individual 3'x 3'x 8' tack closets available for $10.00 a month.
Covered grooming areas with cross ties next to the tack room.
Matted wash rack.

Trailer Parking:
Trailer parking with easy access $25.00 per month 

Blanket service is available for $15.00 per month
Shavings 8 cu ft $7.00 per bag

Retirement Care:
Retirement care includes arranging vet and farrier appointments, as well as worming and blanketing service, delivery of grain and monthly body condition assessments. $45.00 per month